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  1. fyzce

    Pet Menu doesn't work

    When I go to open the Pet Menu, nothing appears so I drove to the pet shop and the shop lady isn't even there anymore so it is nearly impossible to get pets.
  2. fyzce

    loss report

    awesome, and I had thought it would let you take the maximum you can hold out I didn't think it just sent your money into the void.
  3. fyzce

    Pet Menu doesn't work

  4. fyzce

    loss report

    hi, so i was playing yesterday and i tried taking 300,000 dollars out of my bank to buy a car from somebody and the game took all of my money. explanation will be below. i walk into the bank by legion square (mind you i already had 50k in cash) and i attempt to take out all 300k left in my...
  5. fyzce

    Fixed /switchcharacter kills you?

    I was using the command out of roleplay to test something, thank you for your response :D
  6. fyzce

    Fixed /switchcharacter kills you?

    Whenever I do /switchcharacter, it puts the character I switched to unconscious.
  7. fyzce

    Denied fyzce - Suggestion

    Username: fyzce Discord Name: fyzce#4701 / [B2-240] Trp. D. Anderson Suggestion Type: Adding a new script or mod Would you be willing to fund part or all of the cost of adding a new script or mod? no Whats the suggestion? The mod is free, which is why I said "no" I would really...
  8. fyzce

    Fixed Paycheck Bug - fyzce

    Username: fyzce Bug Title: Paycheck Bug Severity Medium When Did The Bug Start: Oct 3, 2022 Describe the bug: about the date, i think it started then because that's when i was patrolling but I'm not 100% So, many other users have been experiencing a bug where as you do your job...
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