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Pending OhBodegaPapi - Mortgage Application

Username: OhBodegaPapi

What is your Discord name and in-character name? King rain

Are you a visitor or resident of this city? Resident - This city is my new home!

When did you join the city? Sep 1, 2022

Describe your financial situation. Flipping cars currently. Looking to open businesses

What kind of purchase are you wishing to complete? Business

Please describe the home/business you are wanting to purchase. Bar/ cookies(weed)store

How much of a down payment are you willing to make? 1m

How much are you requesting to be financed? 1m possibly depending on price of business

If you fail to make payments, what are you putting down as collateral before we kidnap your dog for ransom? 2 RRs and c8

Any other information or offers you want to put out for us to consider? Just trying to add to the economy of the server and add things to do instead of everybody chilling at GA
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